our story

MARFA STANCE is named in celebration of Marfa, a West Texan town and home of the late Minimalist artist Donald Judd, which symbolises to us, modernity, community and a defined sense of creativity




After 15 years designing menswear and womenswear at luxury design houses in London and New York, Georgia Dant has distilled her experience, knowledge and passion for archival utility clothing, to create MARFA STANCE. A collection for men and women, with select uni-sex pieces shareable by both. 

A former transatlantic commuter, Georgia identified an opportunity in the global luxury fashion space for a solutions-led wardrobe fusing a versatile, season-less and multi-functional approach with beautiful design, to create essential styles that can Adapt, Build and be Personalised




Through a refined and modular approach to design, garments can be personalised and worn in multiple ways, allowing each garment to effortlessly adapt to a global lifestyle across climates, seasons, and occasions.

Signature pieces can evolve from season to season with uniquely buildable elements available in each collection, to give a fresh take on key fashion items. 

MARFA STANCE delivers effortless ability and solution to curate, sustain and evolve signature styles for conscious and lifelong wear


With an uncompromising and experienced approach to quality and construction, along with a clear and conscious vision for fabric and factory sourcing, each garment is produced in limited quantities and expertly crafted to the highest quality at family run factories in Italy